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NOW OPEN: The Real Human Anatomy Exhibition

The only of its kind in Australia – step inside The Real Human Anatomy Exhibition to gain a comprehensive insight into the extraordinary human anatomy and physiology by viewing real human bodies preserved by the process of plastination.

This exhibition is a display of art, of the beauty of our human body. It shows how amazing the functioning of our body is and how it has evolved to become a combination of different complex systems which all support each other. Each body works as a complete universe.

Come and see it for yourself – located inside the lobby of Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel & Residences at 6 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise, for a limited time.

What is plastination?

Plastination is a process where dissected body parts are treated and fixed with silicone-like polymers enables them to be displayed without decomposing.


$20 family, $10 adult – available to purchase upon entry.

50% of all proceeds are donated to the Schwartz Foundation to assist in stem cell research.

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